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Unwanted Hair Removal

It is a medical procedure to remove unwanted hair by using laser, a pulsating beam of light. During this procedure the laser beam is passed through the skin. While passing through the laser beam works on the follicles. The light came from the laser beam damages hair follicles and hinders to grow hair. By this process the growth of hair is prevented. It is suitable for both men and women. It’s a safe and painless way to remove unwanted hair. It can be done in almost all the part of human body rather than the surrounding areas of eye. This procedure varies from men to men. The length of this procedure depends on one’s density of hair and few other things. Even the sessions of this procedure depends on the same thing.


First of all you have to consult a specialist of ours who will decide how much session you will need depending on your hair. During this procedure first of all your safety will be ensured for this you will be given special goggles to protect your eyes. In this process a laser beam will pass through your skin. Our specialist will pass it through the follicles. By the light and heat the follicles will be damaged. The growth factors of the follicles will be damaged also. As a result the growth of hair will be hampered and reduced. By continuing this process one can get unwanted hairless skin. In this way one can get rid of unwanted hair forever.


 It’s a permanent hair removal process.

It’s almost painless

It’s an easy and safe procedure.

Just after the procedure the treated area could swell a little bit .It is not a matter to over think at all. It’s very natural and will heal in a very little time. There could be redness or itchiness in the treated area .Even it will be healed by itself. Laser hair removal is an invention of modern medical science by which one can get rid of unwanted hair forever without any risk.