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​Stem cell therapy is such a process what decreases hair loss and helps to regrow more hairs. It is a non-surgical therapy what stimulates and regrows hair follicles. It is suitable for both men and women. Our hair naturally grows from hair follicles, but due to many reasons those follicles can be damaged or dead what causes hair fall and hinders to grow hair. Stem cell therapy works on those damaged or dead follicles. Stem cells can be used to stimulate those cells. Stem cells help to regrow more hair follicles which help to grow more hair. In this way by transplanting stem cells new hairs are grown. Stem cell has growth factors what helps hair to grow and fights against hair loss and baldness. This therapy doesn’t only work on hair loss but also improves the quality of hair.


To fight against hair loss it is one of the safest treatments. It is done in two to six sittings. First of all our specialists will take away some hair follicles of yours. Then our specialists will culture and process those follicles and increase them. This way they will produce more stem cells. After this procedure is done our specialists will finally inject them into your scalp. Then the stem cells will produce new follicles in your scalp and those new follicles will produce new hairs.


· Now-a-days it is one of the most trusted treatments for hair loss. This therapy works on both hair loss and hair regrowth.

· Stem cell therapy also improves the texture of hair.

· It needs very few sessions.
· It has no side effects.
· One can go to his regular life just after this therapy. It doesn’t require any rest or significant routine.
· One of the safest ways to regrow hair.
· Positive results are seen in a very short time.

Stem cell therapy is like a blessing to prevent hair loss and stimulate to grow more hair. It is a very useful method to prevent baldness. It is a miracle of medical research what saves many a person to loss hair at a early age.