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Hair Meso Therapy

It is an alternate baldness treatment what prevents hair loss. Now-a-days many people are facing the problem of hair loss and baldness. Hair meso is such a treatment by which people can fight against baldness and can get a head full of natural and beautiful hair. There are many reasons of hair loss, but the main reasons are lack of nutrition, not having enough numbers of follicles, not having necessary enzymes etc. Hair meso works on these things. In this process necessary hormones, enzymes are injected on the scalp what increases the number of follicles of the scalp and helps to grow more hair. It gives a vitamin boost to the scalp. The number of sessions depends on hair problems. Normally it requires eight to twelve sessions. Each session is done after a week of previous one. By this method one can easily get lustrous, improved and stronger hair. It is a non-surgical method suitable for both men and women.


The first step of hair meso is mechanical. In this step a very thin needle is used to make tiny perforations in the scalp which helps the skin to produce collagen and elastin.

· In this step the injected solution works on the scalp to fight against hair problems. Such as; hair follicles are increased to grow more hairs; necessary hormones help to grow more hair. Increases the size of follicle to stop hair loss. Increases blood circulation to stop hair fall.

It is a very safe and easy technique to restore your hair. It is a non-surgical process. 

This treatment is very safe to stop hair loss and restore your hair
As it is a non-surgical process it doesn’t require rest or any significant routine.
One can go back to his normal life just after having this treatment done.
Normally it has no side effect.


No extra medicine or anaesthesia is required.
This treatment is virtually painless.
As well as preventing hair loss it will also give you stronger and volume hair.
Easy to maintain hair after this process.
These are the benefits of hair meso. Hair meso is very effective on hair loss. It’s an easy process to prevent baldness. It is Very easy to maintain hair after having this treatment done.