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When it comes to women and their bodies, the shape of their breast matters a lot. Unfortunately, as women get older, the elasticity in our breasts gives way, causing them to stretch and sag in ways that they didn’t previously. Since breasts contain no muscles to hold them up, once the connective tissue begins to lose that rigidness, breasts begin to sag.

As the blessing of modern science there are both surgical and non surgical procedures of breast lifting. In HL LASER CARE one can get her breast lifted through some non surgical procedures. Generally non surgical procedures are safe and comfortable than surgical procedures to lift up breasts.

There are some non surgical procedures of breast lifting:



In this procedure PDO threads are used to breast lifting. Threads are injected by our specialists on the breasts and it causes a lift. This procedure is one of the most useful procedures.


A Botox breast lift is same as the face. It is injected into the skin, not muscles, reduces wrinkles and provides a natural lift. This procedure is safer than many other procedures and also comfortable for the patient.


Thermage uses radiofrequency energy waves on the breast to help tighten the collagen. While this may help with lifting the breast, but the use of radiofrequency can damage the thin skin.


Laser breast lifts involve a laser, often a “Cool beam” that works by absorbing the water in the skin on the breast. The tightening of the skin will cause a natural lift. The benefits to this type of procedure mean the skin can be tightened from all angles.


Fillers breast lift is also similar to fillers face lifting. In this procedure fillers are injected into the skin on the breast which provides a natural lift.

These are the procedures to lift up ones breast without any kind of surgery. In HL LASER CARE we have a team of experienced doctors and consultants who are always prepared to solve your all kind of skin problems.