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Everybody wants to look youthful and anti aging is a process by which one can capture his or her youthfulness. Due to age some changes are seen .One of them is fine line which hinders to have a youthful look. By anti aging we can get rid of these fine lines and wrinkles. Melasma is another skin problem what occurs as the result of increasing age. Naturally after forties skin gets drier and as a result we have to face these skin problems. But because of medical science we can easily get rid of these problems. Ways of anti aging are given below;


Botox is a process to stop the aging of your skin. Now-a-days Botox is one of the most popular ways of anti aging. Clostridium botulinum. A very small concentration of this substance is injected by a very thin needle into the fine lines and wrinkles. Injected botulinum toxin causes a reduction in wrinkles and lines. Thus the skin looks youthfulness. Botox is used very often as an anti aging treatment.


Filler works on wrinkles and fine lines of skin. Different types of fillers are injected by a very thin needle on the skin what decreases the wrinkles. Fillers change the skin profile into a youthful one. Fillers are injected just under the skin. The kind of filler depends on the problems which will be referred by our specialists .The lasting of thieatment varies from men to men. Fillers are one of the fines processes of anti aging. 


Thread is a face lifting process where derma threads are used to lift your skin. In this process the saggy skins are tightened up by implanting derma threads in the skin.

A thin thread which is suitable for skin is used in this procedure. By the help of a tiny needle these derma threads are implanted inside of the skin. After putting the thread inside the needle comes out but thread stays inside and helps to lift the skin. By this procedure skins are uplifted and one gets youthful skin the lasting of this treatment varies from men to men. 


It is another process to have a youthful skin. Derma roller works on many problems such as: fine lines, wrinkles, Melasma, acne, acne scars etc. In this process a roller called derma rolled is passed through the skin what creates many micro puncture in the skin. In order to heal them many collagens are produced what removes wrinkles and fine lines. In this procedure one gets a skin what has no wrinkles.